Tuesday, March 08, 2005


First day off of "Enterprise" I'm still on the Paramount lot, but am wrapping out the TV show "Girlfriends".. They're done for the season, and we're to clear out everything. I'm guessing they're going to move the show to a new stage.

I'm working with a good crew of folks - my boss on this job is a very quiet, cool guy who's the polar opposite of The Walrus.
The two other crew members are Jim, who I work with a lot on the Paramount lot, and a guy who I just call The Artful Dodger.. not because he's sneaky, but because he looks exactly the way that I imagine a grown up Artful Dodger to look.. he's a great guy- fun to work with. Jim's fun too - he's got a ton of stories, most of which we've all heard 100 times, although he keeps telling them.

There's a type of cable that's unaffectionately called "Horse Cock" by electricians - it's really thick, very, very heavy, and doesn't carry much power (the weight is all insulation) - we all hate it, and Paramount's lamp dock has decided to get rid of it.. This means that instead of wrapping it - which SUCKS - we get to cut it!

I'm so happy to be able to walk along with a pair of big cutters and chop that shit into six foot lengths - and then kick it off the walk into a dumpster.

There's something very satisfying about destroying something you dislike and getting paid for it.
Of course, there's a lot of other cable on top of it which can't be cut, so we spent the entire day up in the perms - all 8 hours of it. An 8 hour day in itself is wonderful!

When I got home, one of my boobs hurt really, really bad - burning, bright red, and sensitive to the touch.. Sure enough, one of my piercings looks infected - it must have gotten bumped and opened up - then I might have picked at it.. The piercings are over 10 years old, and they've always been touchy - they oooze whenever I get sick or they get bumped. They get bumped a lot, but they don't usually turn red and cause me agonizing pain..
So I went to the hospital (there's an urgent care center down the street from me - they don't have a contract with my insurance, but it's worth the 100 bucks or so I'll have to pay just to get in and out of there - Cedars' ER always has a three hour wait), and got to see a very nice doctor - I was expecting a lecture about the evils of body piercing, but she just agreed that it looked infected and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I walked up the the Rite Aid and being told there was a two hour wait, went across the street to a sushi place and had dinner.. the waitress gave me cooking sake instead of regular sake.. she was very apologetic and it was funny!

Finally got the prescription filled - was given a dire warning by the pharmacist to not lie down for half an hour after I take the medicine.. I think that may be the most bizarre medicine caution I've received so far. What's it going to do to me, jump up my throat?

I spent the rest of the evening soaking my boob in salt water.

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