Sunday, April 03, 2005

Finally! It's over.... Maybe.

We shot the last bit of this short Sunday morning, which is the only time we could get The Drama Queen.

Of course, our call was 8 am and everyone forgot to set the clocks forward, so everyone was an hour late - we still got done by noon, though.

It worked out well. We had a couple of extra actors that The Blonde wanted to add, and they were terrific. Hopefully, the entire mess will cut together.

On my way home from the shoot, I passed a Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills, and decided to get some coffee (I stressed Saturday night and didn't sleep at all, so I needed a boost). Miraculously, I found parking right in front of the Coffee Bean, and as I opened my back door to get my purse, the box full of prop vodka bottles fell out and rolled all over the sidewalk.

Did I mention it was noon on Sunday?

I wish I'd looked a little more disheveled. That would have been even funnier.

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