Sunday, April 10, 2005

Missed connections, bad art and Mr. Movie Star.

Was supposed to go to the LA Blogging meet up last night -they gave the location as 'somewhere in the farmer's market', so I ended up doing laps looking for them, and couldn't find them - but I didn't get there until about 9pm. I had gone to an art opening (they sound really interesting in print, but when I get there, they suck most of the time. There are enough good ones to keep me coming back, though), and then had dinner with The Blonde, so they might have been gone by the time I got there.

I have to confess to not looking that hard, though. I was meeting Mr. Movie Star for drinks at 10 - at the Chateau Marmont, where the valet is always full and you're at the mercy of street parking on the Sunset Strip.

Got in, after a hassle with the security folks, and met Mr. Movie Star in the garden. He's staying at the hotel while he's working, as he 'just can't deal with the drive from Malibu'. As much as I'd like to bust on him about this, I can't. The drive from Malibu to anywhere that's not also in Malibu sucks.

What I don't get is that I'm totally fine on the phone w/ Mr. Movie Star, but as soon as I'm physically near him, I turn into a giggling idiot. It's not just me - the waitress was giggling, the girl sitting next to us was giggling. Either it's him, or it's contagious (in which case, it's my fault).

Had a fun time, and no, I didn't sleep with him.

No work so far for Monday, but the town's still really busy, so I might get a last minute call.
If I don't get something Monday, I'll start making calls.

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Anonymous said...

Ever tried parking on the corner, grabbing your own validation from Virgin Megastore then walking over? Forget how late that parking building is open, though.