Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!

I've just gotten back from an impromptu trip to Vegas with The Blonde for her 'friend's' (nudge nudge, wink wink) birthday. He said we could crash in his hotel suite, but it turned out that there were about 5 other guys there, and a couple of bimbos that he'd picked up somewhere on the strip..


We ended up getting our own room (in "New York" - complete with screaming baby next door), blowing off his birthday party and just hanging out the next day before we drove back. We went to the shark reef in Mandalay Bay, snuck into the hotel's pool (Mandalay Bay has a terrific pool) and stayed there until it closed (the pool, not the hotel). We had dinner, saw the lions at the MGM Grand, and then headed home Tuesday night.

Due to homegirl driving like a bat out of hell, we got back in about three hours - we left Vegas at a little before 9pm, and I walked into my house at midnight.

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Anonymous said...

My guy took me to Mandalay Bay several months after it opened. When we got there, mid-afternoon, in the foyer they were handing out free, fairly decent champagne and sponge cake with cream and I just thought Vegas was so awesome! Yeah, it was my first time there. But I swam in the terrific pools a few times over those two or three days and I got a scary-looking (but thankfully not itchy) chlorine rash all over me. Well, everywhere except where my bikini was. That was a bit of a bummer, bc those pools are a lot of fun. I can't have been in the water more than two hours each day, tops.