Tuesday, May 17, 2005

There's good news and bad news.

The good news is that our little short film is actually getting some interest - there are a couple of folks who seem to think it would make a good TV show - folks who actually make these kinds of decisions, not just our friends.
TV may be seen as an artistic 'notch below' film, but the money's just as green, baby.

The bad news is that the attention our little short film has garnered has also brought back someone from my past. The Asshole was a film exec that I briefly dated a few years ago - mainly because I thought I should, not because he was cute, funny, nice or charming; and that fucker really ran me through the wringer. I don't even want to go into details of the relationship, but it was two years before I could even consider dating again - The Asshole singlehandedly undid 10 years of therapy.

So he called me (from France, I assume - is anyone in town this week?) today just to "say hi" and see how I was doing (after repeatedly telling me when we were 'dating' that I should be grateful that he was even talking to me, as I just wasn't good enough to warrant attention from "real men" like him) - and, after a few moments of really painful small talk, to ask me if we'd signed a deal yet.

A friend of ours took one of our DVDs to Cannes - with a promise to 'show it to a bunch of people'. That had to be where he saw it or heard about it. Damn. I'd been so careful not to give it to anyone that I thought would be friendly with him.

Even talking to The Asshole on the phone upset me - brought back a TON of bad memories, and a TON of bad feelings. I'm still shaking now.

I wish Mr. Movie Star were in town. I really need a hug.


Catherine said...

Fuck him and his bullshit. He can't ever hurt you again, unless you let him. You kick ass.

winifred said...

Consider yourself hugged by your readers.

Peggy Archer said...


I needed that!


Anonymous said...

He just wants to weasel back into your life to fuck with you again. Catherine is so right -- don't let him!!