Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sold! Maybe.

We just got offered a co-production deal for the TV show.

This is not quite what I wanted, but it's better than a buy-out (which is for chumps - it's a one time fee, and I'd have to sign over my intellectual property rights. Screw that).

What I really wanted was to produce the show ourselves - which would give me a bigger slice of the pie. I have to assume that the show will either never get on the air or will be a mid-season replacement that will air four episodes and then die an unmourned death (call me a pessimist if you like), so I'm trying to get the biggest slice of pie I can. If I produce it myself, then I get more cash. On the other hand, with a co-production deal, I don't get as much, but if the show tanks, I have someone besides myself to blame.

Now begins a phase of legal wrangling in which our hold fee (deposited into an escrow account, of course. No new car for me*) stops us from pitching the show anywhere else - except that we haven't signed anything yet, and since NBC's desperate, I'm going to slip them a copy of a different show using some of the same footage..

I'm greedy and evil, but surprisingly, it's not bothering me.

* When Nigel died, a friend of mine sold me her Explorer for what the scrapyard paid me. I hate Fords, and this one's not changing my mind. Priority one right now is saving enough to get another car.


Dave2 said...

Sigh. I wish you better luck than I had with my "Hollywood experience." A more devious bunch of lying liars you will not find outside of Hollywood...

...except perhaps in Washington D.C.?

Peggy Archer said...

Very true. Which is why I'm not getting my hopes up too much, nor am I quitting the day job and blowing my savings account on a BMW 'cause I'll be rich soon'.