Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Next time, Just Say No.

I had almost forgotten why I hate rap videos so much (I've managed to not work one in years), but yesterday reminded me all over again.

Call time: 7 am
Wrap time: 3:30 am

Highlights of the day: One of the rapper's "posse" threatening the craft service girl because she 'disrespected' him by telling him he'd have to wait a few minutes for coffee.

Another one of the "posse" telling the transportation co-ordinator that they felt the lighting trucks should move because they didn't want to park a block away and walk. They threatened him when he suggested that they park in crew parking with everyone else.

Yet more "posse" eating ALL the food that had been set out for second meal - before the crew got to eat. I'm fairly certain they threatened someone, I just didn't hear about it.

Can you tell that most rap video problems are "posse" related?

Luckily, it was my turn to be "truck bitch",* so I managed to avoid any direct contact with the rapper, his friends, associates or assorted hangers-on. Thank goodness.

Now I remember - very, very clearly - why I hate working on rap videos so much.

On the bright side - there was a little stray dog hanging around the trucks all day. He was dirty, skinny and afraid of everyone (but he was very hungry and we were feeding him, so he hung out). At some point during the day he fell in love with one of the production assistants, and followed her around looking cute (he even let her pick him up and pet him) until she decided to take him home with her; so the day worked out really, really well - at least for the dog.

At the end of the night, I overheard about three of the production staff telling the producer to lose their phone numbers if this was the type of job he was going keep getting.


*"Truck bitch" is the person who stays in the truck all night - putting things away, prepping lights that are called for so they get on set faster, and going on the coffee (or in this case, food) runs. It's boring, but sometimes it's the best place to be.


AJ Gentile said...

Ugh. Torture. Unfortunately you can't say anything.

No, not for fear of being labeled a racist.

For fear of someone pulling out a nine and popping a cap in your cracka-ass.

Anonymous City Girl said...

and another reason i'm sticking with theatre :-)

Perfect Tommy said...

I was a P.A. on a Vanilla Ice video during one of his comebacks back in the day. My big duty for the day was making a run to get some Swisher Sweets blunts for "the posse."

Mark said...

Sorry this comment is really late, but I just read your whole blog up to this point. Anyway without further adieu, here is my comment (which now probably won't even seem funny):

The term "truck bitch" seems oddly appropriate for a rap video shoot.