Saturday, November 26, 2005

Four Day Weekend!

Now that I've recovered from the food coma, I have to get on a night schedule (we're shooting nights all week next week), so tonight and tommorow night I have to find an excuse to stay up late (I'm normally a morning person, so this is a big deal) .

I think I'm going to go to M-Bar to see the Lenny Bruce show (okay, it's not actually Lenny Bruce - it's a guy named Jason Fisher who's doing some of Bruce's routines).

Although next week's going to suck (I hate nights and working them intermittently for years is the main reason why I have such a terrible problems sleeping now), I'll have fun tonight!

UPDATE: The show was great - although some of the material felt dated, I was surprised at how much of it still seemed relevant. Jason Fisher did a good job of giving the half-century old routine life, and I recommend the show highly if you're interested in seeing some of Bruce's material 'live'.

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josh williams said...

I read Lenny Bruces biography when I was around 13 and thouhgt I was pretty hip. I remember when he jammed the needle into his arm and aquired a real bad infection which erupted. Other than that he was real funny... All kidding aside... He was pretty hip in the day, and today he would be pissed. One mans thought. JW