Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How about The Slow and Slightly Miffed?

Somehow the dirtiest locations always look so innocent.

For the past two days, I've been wrapping a location on Fast and Furious 3.

A parking garage in a mall that's been closed for 10 years. How dirty could it be?

Really dirty. There was a fine film of black dust everywhere. We were pulling cable* through it all day (not to mention the Gators - which we were using to drive stuff back to the staging area - kicking up a dust storm every time they drove by). By lunchtime, the dust had coated us from head to toe, making us look like derelicts.

They were shooting car stunts in this location, so every now and then we'd find something that fell off one of the cars they were driving. A bumper, a headlight, part of a blown tire - all covered in dust, of course. Where the hell was it coming from?

On the way home last night, I stopped at the grocery store, where people tried not to look at me as I walked past in case I did something crazy. I saw one woman start to push her cart down the aisle I was standing in - then she saw me and backed up as quickly as she could.

What I really want to do when this happens is grab them by the lapels, shake them and yell "I'm a responsible tax-paying citizen just like you, motherfucker!"

What I actually do is sigh heavily, purchase whatever it is that I came in for, go home and shower - after which I look (and feel) solidly middle class again.

*heavy cable is wrapped by pulling it towards you into a coil at your feet, hence the term 'pulling cable'.


writergurl said...

I totally understand the HUGE sigh, I remodel houses and I occasionally look like a vagrant when I've spent most of the day crawling around in a crawlspace... then, passing the grocery store on the way home, stopping in, only to be looked at as if I were somehow less than desirable as a customer or fellow shopper because I'm covered in the detrius of a honest day's work.

To hell with those people! Dirt washes off, pompous attitudes don't.

josh williams said...

No shame in work, hell I've gone for beers after a good day of filth. The true filth is the prejudice, rise above the filth, go for a beer, share the filth!Keep the stories coming. Kind Regards Stinky

Roscoe said...

Wait a minute Josh, I’ve seen you drink beer and then spend the day “working” towards filth.

Charli said...

This is why you need white pearly teeth.

Dave2 said...

Finally! A way to keep people from bothering you while shopping! I wonder if it would work at a car dealership?

Hey... your word verification just said something naughty!

Oh, wait a second... nope, it was just me having a dyslexic moment.