Tuesday, December 13, 2005

That went suprisingly well

Moving from one stage to another always takes time. We loaded up all our stuff the night before, but still there's transit time from one place to another - and everyone's trying to hurry to get the good place to put their equipment. Generally, camera goes closest to the set, and grip and electric are in a rush to claim whatever good space is left. Some crews are ruthless about getting in there and claiming the good real estate, but this stage is so packed full of stuff that there's really no good place - no matter where we put our stuff, we're running an obstacle course to get to the set, but at least we didn't have to keep moving our carts all day.

The major fuck up of the morning was the guy with the lighting balloons got sent to the wrong stage and had to break down and then set up again, which took some time, but since today was our first day with a really big blue screen ( I mean really big. This one is 30' by about 100 '. The big hanging screens have to be set up properly - they can't have any wrinkles and this takes some time and effort on the part of the grips), there was enough going on that it didn't matter. I think we ended up starting a half hour behind schedule, which isn't bad for a huge move from one stage to another with a really small crew who weren't given a pre-call*.

Once we got set up, two of the guys who didn't want to be on set with the raging cold went back and wrapped up the other stage, although the rental company's not coming to pick the stuff up until tomorrow (Wednesday).

Everything went pretty smoothly, which I'm very happy about - the last thing I wanted to do was have to call my boss and say "Hey, there's been a huge catastrophe on the day that you left me in charge!"

Speaking of my boss, he's feeling better (that weird Chinese shit he's been taking must have worked), and will be back tomorrow.

* A pre-call is when the crew comes in early in order to get set up on time.


Violence Jack said...

I take this weird Chinese medicine that smells of tea tree oil for joint and muscle injuries. Great stuff. I have no idea what it is though.

Anonymous said...

yup,V Jack is correct- TraditionalChineseMedicine is weird: 5 thou yrs old& able to cure everything sans debilitating/deadly sideffects of drug-based 'medicine'
-when i did a 'humpty dumpty' on the roof & tore a groin [the leg acted as a bungee cord when the foot caught the gutter] didn't go to the EMR.
--> poured absorbine horse liniment all over, took mega doses of vit'c',
[see www.orthomed.com , www.doctoryourself.com & homeopathic arnica for pain [NO nasty kidney,liver complications fr this]
-the TCM doc had me Walking normal after t-w-o sessions...WEIRD

Anonymous said...

I started going to a chinese herbalist almost 2 years ago for arthritis, anxiety, and depression.

My arthritis pain has dulled considerably, I've only had one anxiety attack in almost 2 years, and I haven't had a bout of depression since I started seeing my herbalist. AND I've lost 23 pounds and counting. (I only have 7 more to go:) Seeing a chinese herbalist may sound odd but I swear by my guy. Seeing him has COMPLETELY changed my life.