Thursday, January 19, 2006

I hate it when this happens.

After years of erratic hours, my sleep patterns are pretty well fucked up.

Sometimes it's not too bad, but this morning I woke up at 6 am and couldn't go back to sleep.

I've got a 9:30 am call (same place as Monday), which means I'll be at work until 10:00pm (at the earliest).

Lucky for me crafty's got some great coffee.


Meg said...

Ah, turnaround time. Night work, early call times, long weeks starting out at 4 am, by Friday it's 2 pm for a nice long 18 hour work day, not counting wrapping the truck as the sun is rising. How to get to sleep so you won't get too much sleep and screw up having to get up early Monday to start a new week? Maybe say ah the hell with it, try to get through the day with no sleep so you can get a few things done, and possibly drag your ass out for some Saturday nt fun? Ha ha ha. The glamourous movie business...

grip chick said...

Yeah....I didnt have any wrinkles when I started doing this!

RJ said...

Back in the day I worked for Roger Corman. I spent many, many, many long days and nights down on main street in Venice at his "studio." It was staggering how many hours we worked.

There was, of course, coffee. But oh, what coffee.

Crafty was a friend of mine and I asked him about it one night. Turns out that he had to make so much at once (and we didn't have one of those large industrial brewing pots) that he'd take a coffee filter, fill it with grounds, cover that with another filter then wrap the whole thing with rubber bands. Then he'd toss it in a HUGE pot of water and boil it for a while.

Fortunately it's been uphill ever since then.

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