Wednesday, January 25, 2006

One well placed bomb would have meant you'd have to read for entertainment.

I just got back in from Vegas - I'm exhausted.

Conventions are all about connections, so in addition to pacing the floor all day (and the Mandalay Bay convention center is HUGE), it's vital that one go to the bar after the convention closes to network.

Since all of the heavy hitters were staying at THEHotel, that lounge was the place to be - The Blonde and I circulated and chatted like crazy and gave out all our cards and flyers (jokes about the name of the hotel provided an instant icebreaker, for which I was thankful). Most of the executives, while a bit defensive inside the convention, loosened up considerably once they got to the bar.

If someone thought our show wasn't a good fit for them, they'd yell across the packed bar to someone they knew - "Hey, Pete! Come here and listen to what they've got!", and Pete would come running to hear what we had to say. This is the only time I've ever seen television executives like this. Normally, they seem to be afraid of new shows. Must be something in the water.


Although nothing is ever a lock until you're actually on the air (so hold the congrats), we're reasonably certain that we've sold the show to a cable network.

The only problem now is my bar tab. I had to buy drinks for way too many people. I'm broke for the next month.

I have a 6 am call tomorrow (across town, of course), so I'm off to bed.


Shamp said...

Good luck with your show. I hope you get placement.

Rarity said...

Wow ! That's pretty exciting! What a thrill! (fingers crossed over here)

Anonymous said...

fingers crossed here, too!

Meg said...

I would imagine that there was much conversation about the WB and UPN merging/breaking up. It's gonna shake stuff up at Fox, too. Any good gossip to share?

Spike said...

Good luck.

Chele In {dot} LA said...

Oh wow..
Just wanted to say hello ..
I am a stagehand for Local 33
Nice to see a woman was posting this ...
Its a difficult industry to get into as a female..
I have to bust my ass.....way harder the the guys......

GermanChocolateGirl said...

that bar tab just may be one of the best investments you make this year!