Friday, January 13, 2006

When it rains, it does indeed pour.

I guess the universe figured I've had enough quiet Friday nights.

First, I have to have dinner with a potential movie investor (I'm torn about this one. He seems like such a nice guy, and what I really want to do is scream "Run! You can't make any money investing in indie films! Go buy some real estate or something!" but I do need that pile of cash he's threatening to throw my way).

After that, there's the wrap party for the low-budget beatdown, and The Blonde is having her birthday party (delayed a month because she's had the flu from hell) at some Sunset Strip clusterfuckery (called Privilege, in case you were curious).

I can't wear the same outfit to all three places (for dinner and the wrap party, I have to look really conservative. Nothing tight, no cleavage, no short skirts. Of course, at The Blonde's party, I have to wear something tight and/or short or I'll look like someone's mom), so I'm going to have to change clothes in the car, if I can find a parking place on Sunset on a Friday night.

Actually, I might not make it to The Blonde's party. Although she claims to have a guest list, I'm not certain the door guys will honor it after 10 pm, and I won't be able to get there any earlier.

I'm off to have some coffee and figure out what I can wear that I won't have to pull over my head.


Meg said...

A parking place on Sunset on Friday nt? Ho ho ho. Did you find one?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the only reason I go to wrap parties is to see the female crew in tight skirts and/or cleavage. Otherwise, it's just like a high school dance with all the cliques (crew departments) in separate corners and everyone trying to avaoid the principals (producers).

Peggy Archer said...

Meg - I didn't make it to The Blonde's party. Our wrap party ended up shutting down the bar we were at.

Anon - we actually had a good interdepartmental mingle at this one. AND we got the director to dance, which was great.