Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Photo

Perm Grafitti

Taken on Paramount's Stage 30.

Soul Train was a fun job today.

Turns out, Soul Train doesn't shoot once a week - they shoot two shows a day one weekend a month, so the Friday before a shoot weekend, riggers have to come in and put up the moving lights (which are an expensive rental, so they can't just hang there while the stage isn't being used. The lights that Paramount owns can stay there, because they're not costing anything). The show will shoot Saturday and Sunday, and then that'll be it until next month.

I won't be on the shoot crew, though. I just came in with the crew that was hanging the moving lights.

I gotta tell ya, though; I'm impressed that those high-heel wearing girls can dance as well as they do on that flooring - it's slicker than snot (so to speak).


Anonymous said...

Off the subject> I heard a new term "gold Room" what's that refer to.

Jess said...

I use to work at the dr.phil show also on that stage. we would eat our lunches on the soul train set. ya gotta give it up to those girls who dance on that thing!

christopher boffoli said...

Hey, I know that stage. Way up in the corner of the lot on the Gower side, right? I think they shot a bunch of interiors for the Godfather on that stage.

Peggy Archer said...

Anon - A Gold Room is a room on stage where we store expendables (tape, light bulbs, flourescent tubes, etc...). We usually store our personal stuff in there, too - and the best boy has his/her office there. Oh, and there's usually a couch and Playstation too.

So it's part storage room (only on stage, though. On location the stuff's in the truck), part office and part nap spot.

I have no idea where the term originated, though.

Jess - did anyone slip on the floor? Oh, and I'm really sorry you had to work for Dr. Phil.

Christopher - Yes,that's exactly where it is - top 'o the lot, if you will. It wouldn't surprise me if they did shoot Godfather stuff there. I think Soul Train's only been there for 12 years or so.

In case anyone cares, Dr. Phil is next door, and Entertainment Tonight and The Insider are right across the way.

Anonymous said...

So... about the term Gold Room. I think that in this case, the obvious explanation is correct: A lockable place to store/secure items of value (Gold). Most departments have one on stage. The Grips always have one built into the poop deck of their truck, and the Juicers usually do too.


Jess said...

As a matter of fact an intern once slipped on the floor. She was bringing the afternoon mail to one of the producers during lunch. Funny but I felt bad for her. Yes working for Dr. Phil was a pain in the ass I`m soo happy to be done with it.. I always enjoy your blog

Carly said...

You so need to take phone cam pics.

Peggy Archer said...

Carly - there are photos on the Flickr page, if you click on the badge that's right over there ---->

Jess - Yikes! Poor intern!

Old Timer - Thanks for the info!

Assistant Atlas said...

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the fact that Soul Train always comes on Saturday morning to signal the end of cartoons was an elaborate plot to get children to hate black people and dancing?

Just me, then? Allrighty...