Thursday, February 02, 2006

Piles and piles of them.

After my previous rant about Kino Flos and how much I hate messing with them, I got called to help wrap a car commercial this morning - just a few hours this morning to help them wrap out since there was someone else coming into the stage this afternoon.

What did I get stuck doing?

Kino Flos. For five hours, I sorted Kino Flos from four different rental packages (they used a LOT of kinos - car commercials love them because they're a soft directionless light).

Stupid poetic justice.


Justin said...

OK, I'm with you on this one. Five hours? Christ on a crutch.

Anonymous said...

So I guess you wont be complaning about 4 ott any time soon...

Anonymous said...

Hate Kinos myself. Did an Elton John video with a 20'x70' translight of NY at night. He will not come on stage if it's over 68 degrees--so skypans are out. Used a billion kinos trying to fill that bastard. Wrap sucked.

Anonymous said...

Hey baby, we gotta be somewhere. We could be at Harlem Pl. pulling cable that's been pushed up against the wall where the tomato plants bloom. Yummy!
Keep doing what you do.
Call me about a portrait, you have my card.

Anonymous said...

I'll say that's an easy day.