Thursday, March 23, 2006

Many, many apologies for the three of you who are still reading

My brain is fried.

Monday - call time: 6 am, wrap time: 8 pm
Tuesday - call time: 5:42 am, wrap time: 8:30pm
Wednesday - call time: 6:30 am, wrap time: 10:30 pm

I had today off, and I spent the entire day doing laundry. I'm back to work tomorrow, then I'm doing reshoots for the last movie Saturday, off Sunday, reshoots again on Monday.

I wish I had the energy to type something interesting, but these long days really take it out of me.


Graham said...


Chip Beckett said...

Call time 5:42am? Producers are that specific now?


By the way, 12 on 12 off, timw to make it a reality.

tony said...

and i thought i had it rough.

keep fighting the good fight!

Konrad West said...

Hey, I'm surprised you can even post at all, considering the schedule you're keeping.

Fascinating blog, by the way.

Anonymous said...


From a 728 brother to a sister, I feel your pain. Tomorrow we have a 6 pm call at LASC for an all night shoot, with (Love this!!!!) a 1 page scene after sun up. Fuck. Most the time when you see dawn comming, you shoot a red bull and know that bed is maybe less then 2 hours away. We all ask, "how come we don't cheat the morning stuff at sundown and come in early? We don't have a turn around issue."
Answer - "Well, Numbers is shooting there during that time."
I swear to God. If we ran a lighting dept like production runs a set sometimes, we would be fired. Unless you work on a set, you will never know how much it TOTALLY sucks to be working at sat, 9 am after and all nighter.
Thank God it's not a "wrap-out" location like today.

Anonymous said...

i'm reading.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, you wanted to write a blog...and yes, we're still out there waiting for your every word. In this business you can sit for months waiting (hoping) for the phone to ring...then the shit hits the fan, and suddenly you're turning down work.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself! We'll be just fine, no worries. I couldn't handle one day of what you do all year. Plus I know about feet trouble. Take it easier!!!! - Christina

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if your industry is one which involves periods of very long hours and periods of no work at all. That must make planning very difficult, both in terms of money and activities.
Guess the much derided 9-to-5 routine is not without its merits.

Iron Rails & Iron Weights

Nate said...

I'm sure you've got way more than 3 readers still. Have a restful Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The three of us? You have 99 subscribers in Bloglines!

Justin said...


Anonymous said...

your fired i expect to be entertained goddam it im not paying you another dime

Charli said...

I've been working 10 hour days for a short while now and it bites. Type when you can, girl, we'll all catch up soon enough, besides, I'm still giggling over the Mayo commercial bit.

Jason Willheim said...

I know, how you feel. But that is the freelance life. Feast or Famine. I am sure you have more than 3 readers and somehow, I think we will survive, if you miss a day or two, without posting.

Anonymous said...

Since I just turned in my time card an hour ago (72 hours this week)...I feel your pain.

Especially since I agreed to do some reshoots Sunday for a indie I did last year. Call time: 7am.


Best line I heard all week?

"Well, we were going to do a pickup with the ice cream truck, but Spiderman 3 blew it up."

Shamp said...

This is your brain.

This is your brain on drugs.

Now this is your brain on Peggy's work schedule.

Any questions?