Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's over!

Of course, I managed to avoid the 'set cough' for almost the entire run of the show - also of course, I started getting a scratchy throat right after lunch yesterday, but I feel better today (I want to meet the woman who invented "Airborne" and give her a HUGE hug).

Our wrap party is tonight, and the producers are asking for voluntary donations for the women's shelter where we shot a good bit of the show.

They (the shelter, not the producers) provide services to women in need of transitional housing, and they're on a really tight budget - the building they're housed in needs repairs (badly), and they were in such need of money that they let a movie crew disrupt their lives (graciously, I might add - I've never met a nicer group of people. Both the residents and staff were friendly and co-operative throughout the entire time we were there, even though it was clearly a massive inconvenience).

In Los Angeles, there are surprisingly few services for women in need of emergency housing, and this one really needs help.

So, should you have some money burning a hole in your pocket and would like to help out your sisters with a tax deductible contribution, please contact the Sunshine Mission in Los Angeles.

Or, mail checks to:
Sunshine Mission
2600 S. Hoover St.
Los Angeles, Ca
Please write a check if you can spare it - tell 'em you were with the movie crew.

We're downloading the truck on Monday, and then I'm onto something else Tuesday and Wednesday.


Dragoncub said...

!!! I Thought women's shelters generally kept their locations secret... (???)

Peggy Archer said...

This one had it's location posted on the website.

There are a couple of other "transitional housing" shelters that have the locations published, so I'm guessing that it's only certain shelters with secret locations.

Dragoncub said...

Ah, good to know--thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Shelters for women fleeing abusive relationships generally keep their locations secret. Those for women who are just down on their luck don't have any need for secrecy. This one undoubtedly is in the second category.

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Neil said...

On another subject, I'm surprised to hear that "Airborne," that product with those awful commercials, actually works!