Friday, April 14, 2006

Now that's motivation

Crew people generally fall into two camps - those of us who will use any means necessary to avoid working harder than we absolutely have to, and those of us who think that if you're not busting your ass, you're not really working.

One thing we all agree on, though, is this:

Since we get paid for at least 8 hours whether we work that long or not, when we have an opportunity to "bust it out" and go home while we're still on the clock, we'll do exactly that.

We all worked as fast as we could, and tore out the Sports Arena rig in 7 hours - someone had the stroke of genius to move our trucks inside the loading area (on the rig they were parked outside the arena due to the loading dock being blocked), which sped things up quite a bit and we didn't get wet in the rain that took me by surprise when I stuck my head out the door. I'd forgotten my rain gear (I had to wash it, it was just too rancid-smelling and I'd forgotten to pack it back into the car), so I was really glad to be inside, although I got soaked walking to my car after we'd been released.

I used my 'bonus hour' to go to a great noodle joint in Little Tokyo called Suehiro.

Best. Noodles. Ever.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Is that the one with the spicy level challenges? If so, I've been there... and one up from medium whooped me.

Anonymous said...

Suehiro is awesome! Delicious food and super cheap!

And you're right, whenever we get a chance to bust out before 8, we will do exactly that. It's like getting paid to play hooky.

Merujo said...

Good choice on the Easter image. I almost posted that baby today, too. Instead, I opted for the bizarre reinactment of the plane crash death of Buddy Holly, done with Peeps. People have too much time on their hands...

Anonymous said...

I would like to try that place. Where is it?

heyheyjk said...

Hey Peggy,

Thanks for the tip on the noodle joint - any chance I can get the number of the "sweater lady"???

Oh, and how is your cough now?

BTW - LOVE your blog as it reminds me how glad I am to have gotten OUT of production (got me a nice 9-6 graphic design job which just happens to be a four-minute WALK from my apartment).

Anonymous said...

They're filming a Will Farrow movie
over here at Union Station, it's
so much stuff in the lobby of our building, it's hard to get around.Is it always like this?

Peggy Archer said...

Jed - Yup, that's the one.

Anon - it's on First Street just west of Alameda in Little Tokyo.

jk - the cough's much better now, although it's still there.

Anon - no, it's not always that bad. Sometimes it's worse.

Anonymous said...

Suehiro is called Sewage Hero by locals. If you think that place is good, you will have an orgasm at the following places:
1) Asahi Ramen on Sawtelle Blvd. in West L.A.
2) Ramenya on Olympic Blvd., also in West L.A.

It's where Japanese people eat Japanese noodle.

Anonymous said...

Not true - lots of Japanese people in there, and not everyone wants to go all the way to the west side (some drive a way) for food.

The food there is good.

Roman Lane said...

Your crew may well have taken a hint from circuses. Ever since circuses have been in buildings, the prop and rigging trucks have driven right in to floor level, unloaded and set up their departments. Individual acts have also pulled their rolling stock inside to unload and set up. On tear-down nights, the units come in sequence and load out directly from the performing area. Pure American showbiz ingenuity beginning with the first major buildings, including the original Madison Square Garden, which housed Barnum & Bailey before the Ringling boys.