Friday, June 02, 2006

Heat, sooner than expected

In Los Angeles, the month of June is usually cool and overcast - consistently enough that the local weather bots have nicknamed the phenomenon "June Gloom".

Normally, it doesn't get hot until the end of this month, which is also when production gets busy again, so every year I have to spend that first work week or two staying out all day in heat which my body's not ready to deal with.

This year, May was cool and overcast and the little bit of June has so far been pretty scorching.
Hopefully by the end of the month, I'll be used to the heat so I won't suffer quite so much that first week or two back at work.

Hiatus movie rental that I thought was the biggest waste of time: Munich.
How Señor Spielbergo managed to make a terrific book (Vengeance) into such an uninteresting movie is beyond me.

Since life is still pretty boring, here's an old photo that's one of my favorites:

One of my faves

It's from the movie The Island, and it was taken in the basement of the power plant - which was hot, humid and loud as hell once the plant went online (while we were working).


opus said...

My local temps are hitting between 110 and 115 all weekend, luckily it's suppose to cool down to around 102 or 103 by Wednesday.
But hey, it's a dry heat:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting photo. Peggy you have a keen eye for those "little moments" on the set, that we often miss trying to shoot the "action".

The Lone Beader said...

I wish it was hot here. It has been cold and raining in Boston for days...My car is now an ark!! But, today was the perfect day to set up Radiohead. Those guys love the dark gloominess....Reminds them of home...

Sal said...

Stumbled into your blog and really enjoyed reading it. LA in February was quite hot enough for me, I can't imagine working there in July! Hope you're rested and fully fit by the time you get back to work.

Carly said...

So I'm curious - I realize productions get rolling again in summer for fall season (at least for TV)... so when does your summer vacation time come in? Spring?