Thursday, August 24, 2006

Big Boring Day Off

I had today off, and I spent it cleaning my house, despite wanting to go to the beach.

6:30 am call time tomorrow, which means I might just get off early enough to have some fun, but not likely.

When I have a call time that early, I'm usually tired before 10 pm.

Couch of the Day:



Meg said...

Don't leave us hanging-what happened with the Hello Kitty basket?

Ella said...

I'm getting increasingly disturbed by the number of couches that must be strewn throughout LA...

Gag Halfrunt said...

From the UK Guardian today, an article about tours of Bollywood studios in Mumbai:

Hundreds of thin men hammered, sawed and painted, as a gigantic classical palace of plasterboard started to take shape. Lighting riggers walked planks high up in the studio roof, sweating on the men below who were laying thousands of square feet of real marble tiles. Squatting men, splattered with plaster, moulded huge classical columns and baroque bas reliefs of lions.

In makeshift shelters outside, barefoot tailors under hot tin roofs pedalled old Singer sewing machines next to gaudy piles of chiffon and satin. Make-up men, rings on their manicured fingers, set the moustaches on soldiers, spivs and gangsters, and dabbed the sweating brows of starlets. Fit young dancers in glittering costumes clustered, flirting, gossiping, looking bored.