Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tiny Bee Feet

I got a last minute call yesterday to come work on the rigging crew for a movie ("Holiday") that's shooting some pick-up shots (they've finished principal photography and are just getting some small things that they missed the first time around) - we loaded the truck yesterday, and today we were at Disney Ranch which is about three miles past bumfuck (but very scenic).

The plan was for us to show up early and rig the first set of the day - then, once first unit had gotten up and running, we were to proceed to set #2, rig that, then rig set #3 and then wait for first unit to get into set #3 before wrapping sets one and two and then going home.

Production cancelled set 2 (after we'd rigged it of course), which was fine - it meant that we didn't have to wait as long for first unit to get into the third set, although we had a bit of a scramble near the end as we tried to get all our cable wrapped before it got dark (little things like small lamps and extension cords tend to get lost in the dark).

Disney ranch is a big one - it's got a lot of acreage and numerous structures - a western town, barns, east-coast looking houses, a lake and today, two different companies shooting (us and a commercial). It also has a lot of bees - they were everywhere, and most of them seemed to be crawling all over the food at craft service and catering.

I can't remember who described lunch as tasting like "tiny bee feet", but it cracked me up - I can't even type it now without smiling.

I'm really tired, and I have to be back at work (not at the ranch, though - on the lot) in 9 hours.


Set boy said...

BZZZZ They ate my feet BZZZZZZ!!!

Meg said...

Speaking of tiny bee feet, are you planning on going to the annual picnic? LOTS of bee feet there, well actually yellowjackets.

Anonymous said...

Were they looking to recreate the tearing out of the chandelier from the ceiling of The Grill on the Alley?

Because The Grill ain't ever gonna let those 'tards shoot there again...