Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sleeping the sunny afternoon away

Monday, we wrapped everything - we got to Sony at 5 am and got everything wrapped before lunch, then spent the rest of the day at the rental house, unloading the truck and counting out equipment.

We did pretty well - 10 sets in 2 days (Disney Ranch and the Sony lot), and we only lost three stingers.

Normally, when you do that many rigs, the L&D (lost and damaged) is a lot higher, so the rigging gaffer was pretty happy with us, so hopefully I'll get called back when this crew goes to another job.

Tuesday was laundry day (and I went through an entire bottle of "Shout" - wrapping cable makes my clothes really dirty - I looked like a transient at the end of each day), and after I got all my clothes clean I went and saw School for Scoundrels (which I worked on, and wasn't intending on seeing, but a friend really wanted to see it so we went).

I'm still on a super-early schedule, so I was up at 6 am Tuesday morning and 7 am today (hey, I managed to sleep in!), and I have a midnight call tonight at Long Beach Airport (although I'll probably head down early and swim beforehand), so I'll have to take a nap this afternoon, although sleeping during the day makes me feel weird (but I have to - I can't work at night without a nap).

Right now, I just got done at the gym, had lunch at Baja Fresh (two chicken soft tacos, no cheese - Carly's book party's coming up and I'm determined to fit into some of my super-hot smaller sized clothing) and now I'm sitting in a coffeehouse (Groundwork - they have free wireless and it's a cool place, although I wish the food were better) with my ghetto little IBM laptop (everyone else here seems to have those super-expensive Mac powerbooks), typing and trying not to listen to the guy sitting at the next table, who's loudly complaining about his boyfriend to another guy who's commiserating by loudly complaining about his boyfriend.

I love LA.

Oh, and you know you're getting older when the homeless punks on Sunset Blvd. start calling you "Ma'am" and saying "thank you very much" when you give them your Baja Fresh chips.


Sal said...

Got called Ma'am this last weekend by one of our extras (American actor) - kind of sweet, but also kind of "hey am I really so old?"

Milehimama said...

Ah, I remember when I was first "Ma'am"ed.
I still haven't reached 30, but NOW it cheeses me off when teenage Target checkers call me by my first name 'cause it's such a friendly place to shop. I am getting old.

Neil said...

I was getting "thank you, sir" when I was 25.

will said...

I never bring my laptop to coffee houses. I'm never there long enough for it to power up. I turn it on. Thirty minutes later I get a cursor. I type a sentence and then it's time to start shutting it down so I have time to get back to work.

What I wouldn't give for a sleek new Dell with a warp drive...