Wednesday, October 18, 2006

To sleep, perchance to stay that way for a few hours longer.

On Saturday, I'm starting a job that will have me in splits (half day, half night - about 4 pm to about 3 am) for five weeks.

When I'm given a chance to fall into a consistent sleep pattern, I tend to be a fairly early riser - I'm almost always up before 8 am. This must stop if I'm going to make it through the first week of this job without being a raging bitch and tormenting my co-workers.

I've been trying to stay up late and sleep late, but no matter how late I'm awake, I'm still out of bed by 8 am.

Dammit. I'm working a split today (on a commercial), so hopefully I'll be able to stay asleep later tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What about trying to sleep before work? For instance, assuming you want to sleep for six hours and need an hour to get ready and get to the worksite, try going to bed at 9 am and sleeping until 3 pm. Your free time will then be after you get out of work rather than before you go in, which is more common and might be easier to handle. It can be difficult to come home from work and then try to sleep right away.

Iron Rails & Iron Weights

Anonymous said...

Peggy, I'm looking for a couple of permit days. Do you know of any out there??

JCW said...

Three words: Tylenol Simply Sleep.
This stuff has the odd quality of making you sleep in later than you would otherwise - sort of a sleep
hangover - which would help you make the switch a lot easier. Give it a try - always works for me.

Dan said...

If you want to go the herbal route, "Stress Arrest" works for me:

Pamela said...

I feel your pain Peggy, splits are a bitch! I become obsessed with when I can sleep, if I can sleep and I always lose all my free time becuae I am chasing the pillow....