Friday, February 25, 2005

I know now why everyone in the future wears jumpsuits!

Still on "Enterprise". Still can't remember what day it is.

BUT - I've figured out why everyone in ALL of the "Star Treks" wears a jumpsuit..........

Plumber's crack. It's the heartbreak of our generation, and by the time we 'reach the stars', it will happily be eliminated..
Where did this theory come from? Today, on set, one of the carpenters was bending over to fix part of the furniture, and he had some REALLY heinous plumber's crack.. My boss grabbed my pencil, and dropped it, point first, right into the guy's butt crack. The whole crew broke up laughing, and I politely told the carpenter to please keep the pencil. Really. I don't want it - now.

Seriously, though..just about everyone onscreen in all of the shows has worn a jumpsuit. The actors are complaining because the jumpsuits are a) hot as hell and b) a pain in the ass.

Day dragged on.. still in the same set, but today is the last day - for this set.. we're all sick of it. It's getting torn down tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier!

Call time 9 am
Wrap time: 12:30 am

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