Sunday, February 20, 2005

Never eat Sushi That's been sitting out on a buffet, even if it's free..

Went to the "Bad News Bears" wrap party last night (yes, they did do a remake).

The Blonde told the front door folks that she was The Drama Queen, and they let us in..

Fun stuff! It was at the El Rey theater, and it was PACKED! Billy Bob Thornton's band was playing (Alice Cooper came out and did a couple of songs with them), and everyone was dancing! I saw a few crew folks that I knew (it's a small, small industry), and had a great time.

They had a sushi bar, and I didn't even stop to think that the sushi had been sitting at room temp for god knows how long..I didn't get sick - thankfully, but the thought that raw fish had been sitting out didn't occur to me until after I'd eaten quite a bit of it.

I can't help it. I love sushi.

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