Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ladies who Lunch!

Last minute lunch with The Blonde and The Drama Queen at The Ivy - They called me, said they'd gotten a table, and did I want to come and have lunch.

For those of you not familiar, The Ivy is a celeb infested, over priced 'eatery' in West Hollywood.. there are perpetually photogs planted outside, and the food's okay - given my druthers, I'd go across the way to Chaya - still overpriced, but much more interesting food.

There wasn't really anyone good there except - Mr. Movie Star.

I couldn't believe I saw him there, and The Drama Queen couldn't believe it when, after a few minutes of him staring at me like he couldn't figure out who I was, he came over and said hello.

He's still short, and still very, very charming.

He got my number again as he said he'd 'lost his phone'.

I managed to not giggle quite so much this time.

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winifred said...

I love your blog. Actually, I'm addicted. Don't change!