Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's hot, and I'm a sucker.

A friend of mine talked me into helping her move today. In 80 something degree weather, in the Valley (note to readers who aren't familiar with Los Angeles - the San Fernando Valley is always at least 10 degrees hotter than LA).

I tried to get some guys to come along, otherwise it's just going to be the ladies shlepping furniture all day, but no one except me is stupid enough to say yes.

The good news is that Mr. Movie Star gave me the keys to his place so I can use his pool while he's at Cannes. He offered to take me with him, but I stupidly let my passport expire.

Damn. Remind me not to let that happen again. Cannes with Mr. Movie Star would have been fun.

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IHHB said...

Oh, sounds familiar!
I was moving so laoding all my stuff, including couches and dresser and desk into one of those door to door unit things and all the "friends" bailed on me so I ended up having to do it myself . My male nighbor walks over saying " where's our friends?" I told him they bailed and he walks off saying "Well, dood luck"

I totally flipped him off and was like " yeah, thanks for the offer but thats ok, I got it asshole!"