Tuesday, May 10, 2005


My cell phone broke in half over the weekend (no, I didn't drop it - It cracked at the hinge where it flips open. It's a year old, which is ancient in phone years), and I've had to spend the entire day at home waiting for the insurance replacement (the insurance company will only ship to the billing address of the wireless account. Don't ask me why). Of course, DHL didn't show up until 6pm, so I can't get the card from the old phone loaded into the new one until tomorrow. Oh, well. It gives me a chance to charge the new one.

This is one of those times when the economic gulf between me and Mr. Movie Star becomes very apparent - my waiting at home all day for an insurance-covered replacement cell phone has caused a bit of a tiff, as he wanted us to go up to Santa Barbara today (there's some overpriced hotel/spa up there), and I had to stay home to wait on the phone.

His solution - when the phone cracked - was "Why don't you just go buy a new phone" - I'm not working much and I'm trying to get through the slow period (for the next few months - work doesn't pick up again until late August) on unemployment and what I have saved, so dropping $200 on a new phone isn't an option for me, and I'm apparently not explaining it well enough for Mr. Movie Star to understand.

I've never come out and asked him how much he's worth, but I suspect that my annual pre-tax salary doesn't even cover what Mr. Movie Star spent on clothes last year. I do my best to not make it an issue, but this ended up being an argument that we shouldn't have had.


P said...

Nothing to do with this particular post, but a congratulatory note on being mentioned on Kevin Roderick’s LAObserved.com Tuesday night – your blog has now arrived.


Keep up the good work.


p dyban

V - visitor said...

This is why clamshell models are evil. I heartily recommend any ol' log over a clamshell. In the unlikely occurrence of the log not functioning properly, it can always be used for target practice at the nearest wall (or significant other). A proper phone ought to make a satisfying dent.

Catherine said...

I can't use anything but a flip cell phone because otherwise I dial it all the time and I can't be fucking bothered to lock the keys or some such nonsense that BOYS are always telling me to do. And yes, they crack at the hinge. They all do. I just got a replacement phone not 4 months ago and I already have a crack in it. But they're warrantied for a year or whatever, so you just keep getting a new one, no big deal.

Mr Movie Star sounds like a petulant child at times. But if he wants to see you that bad, let HIM buy you the new phone. It's a tradeoff - your time for his money. And NOT like a hooker, lol. :)

Peggy Archer said...


P - Didn't know I got mentioned on La Observed! Cool!

V - I have to have the clamshell model phone because I've lost two or three of the standard phones to stray tools in my bag - A Phillips head screwdriver will do a number on a cell phone display screen, and the phone seems to get loose and float around the bag a lot - or they just get scratched to hell.

Catherine - I'm actually not comfortable letting Mr. Movie Star buy me things.. there's just something about it that I don't like. Dinner is one thing, but hard goods make me nervous - sort of like I feel like I owe him something..
Yes, this has caused an argument.

"Petulant Child" is a good description.

The Village Idiot said...


I stumbled across your blog and really like it! Thanks for sharing and please keep it up!

The Idiot