Friday, June 24, 2005

Darn. There Went One of My Favorite Restaurants.

From via Franklin Avenue:

Pinot Hollywood has closed.

This is fucking tragic, I tell you. Pinot had the greatest bar ever. Comfy couches, a fireplace in the winter, great happy hour specials, and a terrific food. We had the unofficial wrap party for the live action "Tick" TV show there (because the producers were too cheap to throw a party. They had a cooler of beer and chips on the stage for us after the last 18 hour day), and it's always been a fave spot for informal meetings and dates.

I'm sure it'll get turned into something hip, overpriced and filled with bony MAW's.


Scott said...

"MAWs"? Movers and wankers?

Chuck said...


You worked on "Tick," Peggy? You just gained 10 pts in Cool Factor.

Peggy Archer said...


That show was a total nightmare, though. I was glad when they didn't pick it up for a second season.

Dave2 said...

But "The Tick" was such a cool show! I miss it. :-(

Peggy Archer said...

True Dat.

We kept blowing takes on stage because the entire crew were laughing at whatever was going on..

My favorite (giggle wise) epeisode was the one where Captain Liberty 'kills' The Immortal while she's having sex with him.