Wednesday, June 22, 2005

It's official.. I'd rather make indie movies than be in TV.

Today was just heinous.

I'm still so angry I can't think straight, let alone cobble together a coherent post.

You know, I really would rather make my little indie movies. I'll never get rich off of them, but I'll sure as hell have less stress and anger in my life.

Details later when I don't want to strangle someone.


Dave2 said...

Ack. Sorry to hear that... I had my fingers crossed for you. :-(

Catherine said...

Ah, crap. What happened? (when you are ready to tell...)

Abrasive Entertainment said...

ahh, sorry to hear that.

stick with us indies. we're poor but we're happy.

and i swear that's as close as we ever get to being alanis morrisette lyrics so it can only be good from there, right?

Peggy Archer said...

I'm still not sure I can go into it without launching into a tirade of language that would horrify a sailor.

Basically, someone I thought was my friend sold me out behind my back to a psycho fuckwad.