Monday, June 13, 2005

Yet another photo

Originally uploaded by Peggy Archer.

From the set of "Deadwood", 2004.

"Deadwood" sucked - and I mean really sucked - to work on.
It was shot at Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita (where they shot "Blazing Saddles"), where it was 80 degrees during the day, and 35 degrees at night.

The uneven dirt streets made use of any kind of cart impossible, so everything had to be picked up and carried over muddy, stinky (horse pee smells horrible), rutted terrain. The aforementioned horse pee meant that even when it was 80 degrees, working crew had to wear waterproof shoes and rain pants, or risk spending 16 hours with horse-pee soaked pants, shoes, and socks.

The only thing that kept it from being completely miserable were the crew- they were a terrific bunch of people, and it ended up being fun, despite the hardships.


Norman said...

It's the same in editing -- I'd rather take a job with good people than on a "high prestige film" (as any look at my credits will tell you). Life is too short.

Except there's no horse pee in the editing room. At least not in my editing rooms.

andrena said...

wow! when watching television shows, you never have any idea of all the hard work that goes into it...

dna said...

Westerns are the toughest type production I've ever worked on. I'm a camera assistant so to me it means that I have to carry the camera on the tripod everywhere it needs to go and I have to move all my cases by hand. If I'm lucky I get a "gator" atv for my gear. Heaven! Until I have to unload it so that someone else can borrow it.

infocentral said...

hey wassup