Sunday, June 12, 2005

Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire

The Blonde and I agreed to get the short reedited in order to show it to some huge producer guy who might be able to sell it as a TV show - but our editor isn't available, so we had to find someone else at the last minute.

Someone else is a guy who's edited a few reality shows already and knows what these people want to see, and what they're likely to buy. He's also super cool and we both like him a lot.

He's going to charge two grand for a cut, and it's got to be ready in 9 days.

We have to come up with two thousand dollars in 9 days.

Shit shit shit.

Can I make two grand from Google Ads in 9 days?


Dave2 said...

Disguise your Google ads as links to free porn. You could probably earn $2000 in 9 hours!

Dave2 said...

Or provide actual porn and earn $2000 in 9 minutes!

Peggy Archer said...


Veeerrry tempting, and I'd do it if I weren't just about 100% sure that my mother would spring up out of her grave like a jack-in-the-box and slap my fillings clean out of my head.

EcamirG said...

i'm not much help on the money-raising (though i would be in person... i'm one hell of a producer, you know!), but i just wanted to point out my new theory that the people who edit reality television are easily the gods of modern-day editors.

to be able to take such a formulaic, contrived offering and give it both immediacy and emotional impact... i honestly envy the hell out of them. the pacing is sublime. the character development is superb. and i cringe to think of how much raw footage they comb through to get the end result.

them and the cats cutting movie trailers these days. amazing how much superior a five-minute trailer often is to its source material.

Peggy Archer said...

I agree.. this guy is amazing, and that's why we're incredibly lucky that he's agreed to do this for two grand (he normally gets a lot more than that).

It's neato hearing an editor say "I don't really need a script.. just give me an outline and I'll put together something cool".

Chyrene Pendleton said...

I really wish you success on getting that money in time. LOL on your porn reply!

moneyca said...

Just when I thought your posts couldn't possibly get any better, you go and post that "filling" reply. I am glued to your blog. Thanks for making me late to work all week!