Thursday, July 14, 2005

"Danika" Day 10

Today was our last day in the house. The entire two weeks we've been here, the neighbors have been pissed off about it, so tonight they called the permit office to try to make us have an earlier 'out time' and then the cops - to make sure we left on time. The cop showed up at lunch (4:30 pm), and then sat there, tapping his watch until 9:30, which was the time we were required to wrap (in order to be completely out the house - 'tail lights' - by midnight).

The rumor was that the cop was going to 'pull the plug', or forcibly shut us down if we tried to go late, but the official wrap time was 9:31 pm.

Still insanely hot, both inside and out. The upstairs bedroom felt like a sauna, and for some reason it got insanely humid after lunch. I felt like I was in Louisiana or something. The upside is that I've been drinking so much water that my skin looks great - really great. I look like I've spent a million bucks on it.

Although I wanted to be on the wrap crew, I'm still on first unit. The wrap crew came in at 6 pm - just as it was cooling off, and they were out of there before midnight.

I'm so glad we had a wrap crew (we needed one because we wouldn't have made our turnaround if we'd had to wrap the house ourselves) - our last setup was HUGE. Although this Gaffer tries not to 'die big', I think we had every single light off the truck. The wrap guys would wrap a lamp and put it on the cart, and then one of us would run down and grab it. Eventually they gave up and all went to craft service until we were set.

Quote of the night from AJ, the set dresser, as he ran up and down the stairs trying to make his only set of sheers cover both the upstairs and downstairs picture windows:

"I hate this shit so much, you don't even know."

Dying big

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