Sunday, July 10, 2005


always seem too short. By the time I do my laundry, clean up the house and get my stuff ready for Monday, it's over.

I feel like I haven't had any time to have fun - but being cameraless this past week has worked my nerves more than I can say, so I went to Best Buy (I know, I'm lame. I'm supposed to go to some website no one's ever heard of and haggle them down in Kurdish, but I want the instant gratification of paying my money and getting something right away) on Saturday morning.

Although the camera I really wanted was the pimped out Sony Cyber-Shot, since I don't have a pimped out salary I got the Fuji FinePix 345, which was on sale.

My major qualm with my old Canon Power Shot 200 (don't laugh. I bought it a long time ago, and it took an unbelievable amount of abuse before it finally died) was that it didn't take close up pictures worth a damn - the new Fuji has a pretty decent macro lens on it, which I'm happy about.


One my ongoing work problems is my feet. Standing for 12 hours a day every day make them hurt like hell. By the end of the week, the pain has crept upward - my feet, lower legs and knees ache and it takes all weekend to recover.

I've tried every kind of shoe, insert, sock.. I've tried acupuncture and magic magnets. I've tried custom orthotics (my insurance pays for them) and changing my shoes three times a day. I've tried sitting down every chance I get. Nothing helps. I'm okay on Monday and Tuesday, but by Wednesday the pain starts, and by Friday night just trying to walk without limping is difficult.

The only thing that seems to help at all is swimming. If I can just make the time to swim a few laps my feet feel better right away. Something about the scissor kick, I guess. Unfortunately, it's hard to make myself go swim after being at work for 12+ hours, so I swam yesterday, and I'm going to go again today as soon as I wait the obligatory hour after eating.

I think we're wrapping out of the house Thursday, so I don't know if I'll be on shooting crew or get bumped down to the wrap crew. I hope the wrap crew. I'll work 6 hours, get paid for 8, and will have time to swim. If we really 'hit it hard' (i.e. work as fast as we can) we might even be able to get out of there before it gets too hot.


Catherine said...

Whoa, I totally have that exact same camera! I love it, although be forewarned that it EATS batteries like candy. I got rechargables..

Stan said...

The thing about waiting an hour after eating before swimming is an old wives' tale:

Anonymous said...

Had the same foot/leg pain in the past, switched to Birkenstocks (sandals, shoes) and the pain went away, added custom orthotics to the shoes. They have solved the problem.

Echo Mouse said...

Great blog. Found you via Nickerblog and I'm so happy I did!

Foot problems - I hear you x10. Blundstones are awesome. They're good in any weather, any temp, keep the foot cool and seem to help with being on your feet for hours and hours. Also, reflexology. The swimming probably helps move the blood which has pooled into your feet and legs from being on them all day. So any foot and leg exercises you can do during the day will help too. In the end, this is a well known problem of waitresses and others who are on their feet for long hours. Look into exercises or you might end up with varicose veins down the road and possibly worse problems than that.

And check out New Balance shoes and Blundstones shoes! :-)

KS said...

Have you tried superfeet? I they are what solved the problem for me.

Here's a description:

I'd try buying them at Adventure 16 (It is a great outdoor gear store with really knowledgeable sales people... which, now that I think about it, you probably already know about the store due to all your other outdoor gear you described when you had to go up on that 80 foot tall crane thing that whips around in the wind and then stay there all night).