Friday, July 22, 2005

"Danika" Day 15

Last shooting day of the movie. We were only in one set (a motel room), but it took every light we had in the truck. When the best boy told the producer that we had no more lights or cable (she'd asked him if there wasn't something he could send back a day early), she didn't believe him and had to go look at the empty truck for herself.

Since we don't have a rigging crew or enough equipment to pre-rig, it took us until lunch to break down the old set and get the new set cabled and lit, but since we were only shooting one scene today, after lunch we just sat there and didn't do much of anything. We couldn't get a jump on wrapping as everything we had out was working, so we sat there.

The director's assistant (NOT the Assistant Director) came in today wearing flip flops. Since we were pulling enough power to light up a city block AND it was a shower shot so there was water all over the floor, about 10 people mentioned to him that he should put on some closed toed shoes - Cupcake being the 10th person . He got mad about it and ended up threatening kick Cupcake's ass (Cupcake's 4 inches taller and outweighs him by at least 30 lbs) if it got mentioned again. Needless to say, we all thought this was hilarious, and for the rest of the afternoon every time Cupcake left set, did something or said anything someone would threaten - in a squeaky falsetto, of course - to kick his ass.

We also found out that our producer/UPM used to be a teamster (well, I'm sure she still has her teamster card, but she's obviously not driving talent around anymore) - Pretty cool!

When they finally called wrap it was 1 am and still hotter than hell, which made it more torture to watch all the producers, director and folks who didn't have to load trucks stand in the parking lot and drink icy cold beer while we were dripping with sweat trying to get out of the stage as quickly as possible.

By 3 am, the parking lot soiree was over, and everyone had gone home, except us and the grips.

We didn't finish until almost 4 am.

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