Sunday, July 24, 2005

"Danika" Wrap Party

The wrap party for "Danika" was last night at the "RokBar" in Hollywood.

Wrap parties are fun because you get to see everyone dressed up, relaxed and in a less stressful situation than at work. You also get a TON of good gossip about stuff that happened on set, and you get to see who's been secretly dating whom.

I sat and chatted with my boss and his wife until they left, and then I introduced The Blonde (my date for the evening) to the makeup designer. It turns out that they already knew each other from working the counter at Bloomingdales years ago. Small world.

One of the grips became instantly smitten with The Blonde and spent the entire evening trying to impress her (unsuccessfully, might I add). When she left to go to another party, he sort of slunk off to a corner to sulk while the rest of us danced.

RokBar played 80's and early 90's music, and we all had a great time . I wish the place had a better dance set-up, but I still got a priceless photo of one of the actors 'dirty dancing' with the makeup girls. Fun stuff!

I reviewed the "RokBar" on LaFoodblogging. You can read it (if you care), here

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