Monday, August 29, 2005

Back at the VA

Grey's was back shooting at the V.A. in Northridge today- we were outside for the first half of the day - which was unfortunate as, by lunchtime, the temperature was about 105 F (40.5 C).

There was an indie movie shooting right next to us (the VA rents out their unused buildings to movies, and today there were three separate productions shooting there), and they were doing motorcycle stunts today - tres cool.

We'd get our lights set up, and then run over to the other set and watch the stunts - they had built a long wooden ramp, and were racing down it and doing flips off the end.

At some time during the day I got a burn on one of my fingers - it's about the size of a pencil eraser, it's blistered up and I have no idea how or when I got it.

It kind of scares me that I got a second degree burn and didn't even feel it.


Dave2 said...

I couldn't work on the set of "Grey's Anatomy," because I'd be stalking Sandra Oh all day. I'd be forever running up to her and asking for her autograph... telling her how she stole every episode of Arli$$ for me... reminding her that she's totally hot... and informing her that I'm her #1 fan because I'm willing to watch crap chick-flick movies like "Under The Tuscan Sun" and boring-ass films like "Sideways" just so I can see her performance. In fact, I had no intention of tuning into "Grey's Anatomy" until I heard she was going to be in it... and now it's one of my favorite shows.

I'm pretty sure that kind of totally un-cool behavior would get me fired from the set... or perhaps even smacked with a restraining order. There's not a lot of "Hollywood stars" I'd go all geeky over, but Sandra Oh is absolutely one of them.

P.S. - Holy crap! I can barely read your "Word Verification!" Does the person who creates these things drop acid before going to work??

Some Random Girl said...

I love Grey's Anantomy. It was one of my favorite shows of the new season last year! I hope that it stays on for a long time! I like reading your blog! It's interesting. I can kind of vicariously live through you! Thanks for that! good luck on finding Mr. Right...Hang in there

AJ Gentile said...

"At some time during the day I got a burn on one of my fingers"

Let's hope that callus on your heart hasn't spread everywhere else. ;-)

Peggy Archer said...

Dave - Sandra's really nice, personable and down-to-earth as well.
I can totally understand the crush.
Oh, and I hate the word verification thing, too. Fucking spammers.

Jules - Thanks!

AJ - Haha!! I'm fine, really. I may not remain fine after the work dies down and I'm not busy for 14 hours a day, but for now, I'm fine.