Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Photo Sequence

Here's the rig day by day:

Day 1:

Rig Day 1

Day 2:

Rig Day 2

Day 3:

Rig Day 3

Day 4:

Rig Day 4

Day 5:

Rig Day 5

Day 6:

Rig Day 6

Day 7:

Rig Day 7

Day 8:

Rig Day 8

Monday's a prelight day, which means we'll tweak the lighting all day.


fueltank said...

Just got finished reading from the beginning... thanks for a great bunch of tales from the darkside!

The photos of the cable runs in the perms and on the video shoot are beautiful -- but I do have a thing for cable.

Glad to hear you speak positively about the unions; too often there is a lot of animosity towards them (and between them -- look at Vancouver and the Teamsters).

Your blog should be required reading along with the Set Lighting Technicians Handbook (a copy of which I found in the back of a car I rented in LA!).


AJ Gentile said...

Did you mark your spot to take these photos? They're practically perfect.


Peggy Archer said...

Fueltank - glad you liked the blog!

AJ - I took the photos from halfway up the ladder into the perms. There's a platform there, and it was the best spot to take the photo.

Except day one. That was taken from the top of the dimmer hut - which is at the base of the ladder.