Tuesday, September 13, 2005

That's Inches, not Centimeters.

Somewhere along the line, someone mismeasured something.

Three camera shows have an audience, who watch the show from bleachers erected in front of the sets.

On this show, the top two rows of the bleachers have a great view - of the back of the lights.

Nice View


Keep in mind that there will be a drape of black fabric behind the lights (a 'teaser') which will hang about a foot below the bottom of the lights.

There was a big discussion about it at lunch. They're either going to have to rebuild the bleachers (not an easy task), or the grips are going to have to raise the greenbeds - that suspended walkway the lights are attached to (also not an easy task).

Either way, someone's going to be pissed off in the morning.

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Dave2 said...

Maybe you'll get lucky and nobody will show up?