Monday, September 26, 2005

I'd like your finest fried food, please

Saturday was a girls' trip to the LA County Fair!

I hopped in the car with a few friends and we headed out to Pomona (drive 10 miles past east bumfuck and make a left). We got to the fair about 11 am, and it took us a full hour to get from the car through the ticket lines and into the fair itself.

The LA County Fair was enormous. It had to be over a mile from one end to the other, and the trams were too crowded (and the line for the chair lift was too long), so we ended up walking all day.

The midway was colorful, but I skipped the rides - a few years ago, I worked on a commercial with a bunch of carnies and they scared me so bad I'll never again set foot on anything they've touched.

Instead of sitting on the ferris wheel, I decided to spend the day eating deep-fried food.

The deep-fried snickers bar was not really my thing. I'm more into a food that would be healthy were it not fried - that way I don't feel so bad about eating it.

Over a span of about 7 hours, I ate the following items that had been deep-fried: An avocado (not so good), artichoke hearts (not bad with hot sauce and vinegar, awful with that horrible packet of ranch dressing), an onion (very tasty), and a banana (very, very tasty).

I also had some beer, some wine, and at least a gallon of water.

The official temperature was 85, but with the asphalt and the crush of humanity, it had to be over 100.

I spent a lot of time in the barns, looking at the cute baby animals and getting the hell out of the midday sun.
I also watched a horse race from the outside rail of the track - right next to the winner's circle (where the poor panting, shaking winner had to have his picture taken before he was allowed to go back to the barn and rest), and I got to pet one of the Budweiser (tm) Clydesdales.

On the way home - stuck in traffic, of course - we started talking about what LA will do if the "Big One" hits us.

We, as a city, have always been told that after a large earthquake, we'll most likely have to fend for ourselves for a few days (this was true in 1994 - the power in Hollywood was out for a week, and although there wasn't looting, no stores were open), so we need to have supplies laid in.

After I got home, I surveyed my 'earthquake supply closet'.

One bottle of diet peach Snapple
One half-eaten box of Ritz Crackers
One can hearts of palm (which I ate while contemplating the shitty state of my disaster supplies)

One half box of bandaids.
Empty tube of neosporin.

Compare this list to what the LAFD tells me I should have.

Yikes. Were 'the big one' to hit tomorrow, I'd be totally fucked. So, Sunday I went out and did some of my earthquake shopping. I got six gallons of water, a bunch of canned food (all low-sodium. The LAFD recommends only low sodium food so that you don't drink too much water), some peanut butter and two boxes of a cracker brand that I don't like (Wasa rye) so I won't be tempted to eat it.

I still have to stock up on first aid supplies and a camp stove, though. That'll be another paycheck.


Stan said...

Always glad to see someone thinking about earthquake preparation. I work at the USGS earthquake office here in Pasadena, and we're always trying to remind people that it's going to happen sooner or later

AJ Gentile said...

I keep meaning to stock up.

And now you guys are scaring me.

I wish Trader Joe's salsa came in a JAR, for chrissakes.

Violence Jack said...

My great-aunt's attitude is that she lives in a highrise. Why lay in supplies when your building is going to fall down and squish you anyway?

Anonymous City Girl said...

I thought in LA everyone was beautiful and health concious?
Fried snickers, huh?
and why would you do that to an avacado?

Stan said...

The high-rises here in L.A. are generally pretty well-built. So it's considered unlikely that they'll fall over, even in a big earthquake.

Peggy Archer said...

AJ - maybe a little concern is a good thing, as long as it doesn't turn into coke-fueled (or TJ's salsa in a jar fueled) paranoia.

Jack - Stan's right. You're pretty safe in a high rise. My 1920's spanish-style stucco's more likely to fall (which isn't likely. It's been through three big earthquakes already, and it's bolted down now).

ACG - people in WEST LA are thin and healthy. People in Pomona are... um... supersized, just like the rest of the country. All of the LA cliche thing only applies in the city proper.
As for why someone would deep fry an avocado - to coin a phrase "because it's there".


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