Thursday, September 08, 2005


After the 16 hour days of the last two shows, it's nice to get off first unit and put a rig in.
I'm working on an eight day rig and prelight for a three camera show (featuring some guy I've never heard of).

We're working 10 hour days - it's nice to be home while the sun's still out.

I'm on the "up high" team, which means that I'm spending the entire day up in the 'perms' of the stage, running cable.


One of the fun things about Hollywood Center (where we're rigging) is that they don't have a graffiti eradication policy, so there's some cool stuff written up in the perms - where only grip and electric go.


A lot of it's just names and dates, but there are also editorial comments:




Which can extend into conversations:


And last, but not least, the one that actually made me laugh out loud:



Catherine said...

He certainly does.

Billy said...

Great photos.

Neil said...

That's like Hollywood history you're showing there. There's a book in this -- maybe there's an old Culver City studio where you can still find graffit left from "Gone With the Wind."

Anonymous City Girl said...

ooooohhh... a techie blog... mmmmm.... drooling on keyboard...

AJ Gentile said...

Geez, how do you work up there? Are you part Apache or something?

BTW-- how 'bout a pic of what YOU wrote up there, hmm?

Peggy Archer said...

Neil - the problem with a book about Perm Graffiti is that no studio wants to affiliate itself with statements such as "George Bush Chugs Cock".

There is no "Gone With the Wind" graffiti. Here's why:

The lot (The Culver Studios) burned during the filming of GWTW.

The oldest graffiti I've seen is from the 1930's - on the stage at Universal that still has the "Phantom of the Opera" sets.

Most of the graffiti is from the 50's on.. I think there was a city-wide perm replacement in the 50's.

AJ - I've actually only written one thing on a perm in my entire life. I wrote "Watch your Noggin" on a low beam on LA Center's big stage.