Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just too good for words.

Got called for a job that I can't take because I'm working on something else already - this is unfortunate, but happens all the time.

This particular call was for Fast and Furious 3. The notable thing about this is the rigging department's outgoing voicemail message.

"Hello, you've reached the rigging office of Fast and Furious two... no, three.... wait. Four."
"Which fucking movie is this? Two? Four? Oh.. Three. You sure? Okay, then".
"You've reached the rigging office of Fast and Furious Three. Please leave a message, and we'll call you back right away. If you need to page us, call XXX - XXXX. Thank you."



Anonymous said...

Ha! Hilarious!

AJ Gentile said...


B) Do we REALLY need a Fast and Furious THREE?


Catherine said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Awesome!

Grubber said...

Love it.

MovieDude said...

Sounds like the Fast and Furious rigging office has been drinking at work again. lol!

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PS: This blog gets two BIG thumbs up!

Peggy Archer said...

Not drinking, just making an editorial comment.

I'm trying to figure out if the above qualifies as comment spam or not.

Dice said...

I was in Miami when they used 595 for race scenes. During 5:00 traffic. On the only freeway that goes west.

Even though it's the city's fault for giving them the permit, I have to say no more Fast and Furious.

EcamirG said...

ahhh... too bad. my friend todd just finished up working on that one before heading out to chicago for the depeche mode tour. apparently it's a pretty fun crew.