Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Turnaround Blues

"Turnaround" is the time between when wrap is called at night and call time the next morning. Generally, it's between 10 and 12 hours (anything over 12 hours is cause for celebration), but that only applies if you stay on the same show everyday. If you move from one show to another, all bets are off.

I decided I needed a mini-vacation from the low-budget beatdown and took a two day call loading a truck with some really good friends of mine (whose show happens to be paying scale).

Of course, Tuesday was a 15 hour day on said low-budget beatdown - We closed the doors of our truck at midnight (at our location in bumfuck - a 45 minute drive for me), and today's call time was 8 am at the rental house.

I'll fill in on the load-in (Loading the truck at the beginning of the show = load in. Unloading the truck at the end of the show = load out) tomorrow.

Right now, I'm tired.


shamp said...

Do something nice for yourself when you get done with that busy schedule. You deserve it. Thanks for posting even though your tired.

Charli said...

I feel your pain. I spent the morning yesterday pulling out 16 mattresses from 16 different rooms (you should have seen the balcony littered with these babies). We had to do it as quickly as possible to get the rooms ready for the afternoon check-ins. We have only two on our staff that are men, so, that means it's slow when there's only two.

The head housekeeper and I took to the task. Hauling box springs, easy. Hauling a mattress that gives, uh, interesting.

Like I said, I feel your pain.