Sunday, November 13, 2005

I never thought this was actually going to happen to me.

I ache. On Sunday night, I still ache.

I must have walked 15 miles Friday (night exterior - lighting up an entire suburban block with only four of us. Between call and wrap, I sat down for a grand total of an hour - and that's including lunch), and when I got up Saturday morning, I could barely walk. Normally I swim for an hour or so and then I feel fine, but no dice this time.

I remember telling my grandmother that the liniment she rubbed on her joints was gross and that I'd never do it. She'd just give me that look and say "you'll be surprised the things you do as you age." Sure enough, I've smeared my knees and ankles with this nasty smelly Chinese shit and am now wearing leg warmers to keep the chill off in the hopes that I'll be able to walk without hobbling in the morning.

I so totally did not expect this to happen while still in my 30's.

One week down, five to go.

I'm not sure I'm gonna make it.


Anonymous said...

I survive my 30's thanks to a steady diet of Advil in the morning and Excederin PM at night. I call this "aging gracefully through the joys of self-medicating."

Anonymous said...

Hey look! Somehow I end up posting anonymously, even when I fill in the identity information! -Dave2

Peggy Archer said...

UPDATE: Three out of four.

Both ankles and one knee feel okay this morning (Monday), and although I'm a bit stiff, I wasn't hobbling like an old woman.

Off to work...