Thursday, November 10, 2005

You seem okay for someone who just got dumped by a cat

The ungrateful little meatball decided to set up housekeeping with the caterer, who can offer him much more tasty things than us. Even after the caterering truck leaves for the night, he stays down there (the lunch area's about half a block away) scrounging for dropped morsels of food - this after we set up a little bed for him in the truck so he'd have a place to sleep.


My boss is taking it pretty well.

Thankfully, it didn't rain, but since everything was still soaked from the previous day's showers, I had to wear plastic rain pants (very clammy) most of the day. The grips had to dry out their day blues* which got soaked in the rain. They set up a really long metal rail, sort of like a heavy duty clothesline, and hung them out to dry in the sun. They looked really pretty - sort of like one of those laundry commercials (you know the ones - where the housewife runs happily between the clotheslines full of extra fresh wash), except on a way bigger scale.

Today was also the first day that we've not had any major equipment problems, and everything on our end ran pretty smoothly.

The house we're shooting at has a really gorgeous lawn and beautiful landscaping, and the homeowner (a really nice guy) is being incredibly gracious about the fact that there's a film crew trampling it, parking equipment on it, and generally abusing what has to be a few thousand dollars worth of premium bluegrass. One of his rosebushes is already dead (that's what happens when you shine a 10,000 watt light on a plant), and he's just laughing about the whole thing - although the lawn getting fucked up is really hurting him. I can tell.

Call time: 9:30 am
Wrap time: 10:00 pm

*20' x 20' (6m x 6m) cloth sheets of light blue - they're used to create the illusion of sky, or in this case, a sunny day when it's really raining cats and dogs.


Charli said...

No, no, no... not fake sky. I want to see real illusion when I watch a movie, not a made-up real illusion (say that really, really fast three times). I work in the hotel industry and once had a great dislike for stray cats trampling on the property, until one day I saw a gray cat snatch a field mouse. Cats are heroes.

Thanks for educating me on duct tape. Years ago they had a guy who worked here at the hotel who thought fixing a toilet meant "get out the duct tape."

Donna Grayson said...

Hey, great Cat story ! Animals are funny. Yeah, they go where the food is. I have an 11 year old spoiled mixed cat. And you could set your watch by when she gets hungry. Breakfast at 6:30, snack at 7pm, dinner at 9:30.
If she doesn't get fed right on the dot, she lets you know how unhappy she is.