Wednesday, November 09, 2005

And what do we do when it rains?

We keep working. We cover the lights, we cover the distro, we try to keep connectors out of standing water, we don our raingear, and we soldier on.

It's kind of strange - the lights fool your eyes and make it look like the sun's out, even when it's pouring rain.

Rainy Day

The neighborhood's stray cat has adopted us - he's hanging out on our truck, and the best boy's threatening to give him a home. He's got a collar, but the neighbors swear that he lives on the street and mooches food. We figure someone moved away and forgot him.

Our equipment problems continue - we had a head go down just after lunch, and once again the entire production company was waiting on us.

Call time: 8 am
Wrap time: 8 pm


Anonymous said...

It's beginning to rain alot here in Vancouver and I'm on the lookout for good raingear when we do exterior shots.


Charli said...

Duct tapes works wonders. Might want to buy some for your uh, equipment. I'm sure the budget will allow for it, uh, maybe.

Rarity said...

I'm loving this stuff - to me it's very exotic and it *SO* appeals to my romantic (and secret) wish to someday break loose from my (excellent) day job to work on a movie set (NOT as an actress).

I'm not sure - did I use enough brackets?

AJ Gentile said...

Gee, I was hoping for a picture of that cat...

Peggy Archer said...

e - if you get Gore-Tex (tm), you have to get two sets as it only works for about six hours. I've got a Gore-Tex jacket by a company called Moonstone that works really well, and one by North Face that doesn't.

Charli - we actually don't use duct tape. We use paper based tape (which doesn't pull paint off walls), and a cloth tape called 'gaffer tape). Duct tape is more of a construction thing, but remember that it's not actually waterproof.

Rarity - Thanks! I'm glad you like the blog, and that picture rocks.

AJ - check Flickr.

Ed Araquel said...

Thanks Peggy. I usually use North Face with another North face shell underneath...that seems to work but I bought the jacket a while ago and it's orange. Not a good colour for a stills guy. :) Hence my search for a better (and darker) solution.