Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Majority rules!

Incoherent it is.

Our equipment problems continued today - it seems like half our cable is fucked up, and our 'blanket light' - which we used for the first time today - had about half the tubes dead.

Of course, we had to change them while the entire production waited on us - the AD didn't make things any better when he announced "We can't roll yet!! There's a lighting problem" - thus causing everyone to stare at us while we frantically tried to get the light working.

We've looked like clowns for two days now - just because of the equipment. None of us are happy about it.

The problem isn't our boss (he understands the equipment problem) - the problem is production. They don't pay attention to us when we do things right.. they only notice us when we fuck up. If we fuck up too much, then they won't hire our boss again.

We all really like our boss and want him to keep working - even if he never hires any of us again.

I'm going to bed.

Call time: 8 am
Wrap time: 9 pm


Mark said...

That situation is much like working in an IT department (Information Technology. Oh hell, who are we kidding, it's the nerds in the computer department). Nobody ever tells you how great you are for keeping everything running; they only notice you when things are screwed up.

Charli said...

You are only as good as the broom by which you sweep. Drink lots and lots of water (my cure for everything).

josh williams said...

Try yelling at people and bringing out very hurtful secrets. It does not win friends or really gain anything good but for fun will you try it for me? Just in case there is a use for this form of combat.

Anonymous said...

jesus, can you write a more incoherent post than that? please do better next time.



Katie said...

As someone in production:

Are you undermanned or is your equipment effed up? I know it's not you duty but the gaffer should communicate and let them what is going on, maybe have production call in another company to provide lights if neccesary.

And yes you are kinda right...production is going to know if you eff up...but they are only going to pay attention if another DP wants to hire your key and he did not communicate well with them (ie was standoffish about getting "his equipment" on when production was between a rock and a hardplace wih the stage or he fucked up way too much and didn't explain him/herself). More than likely they will continue on with whatever crew as long as the DP is happy and the budget keeps working- it all comes down to the bottom line.

And not to be defensive but how is the problem production?? Maybe I haven't read back far enough. My guess is just that it is just a lack of communication.

Sorry, don't mean to rant...just found your blog and actually love reading it- as someone who gets stuck in the office but loves being on set.

Anonymous said...

It's not a "failure to communicate", it's production being to cheap with the budget for electric (and grip and everyone else). The gaffer then has to go begging at the rental house, who then gives him their worst equipment for the paltry sum he has to light the entire show.

We call this "stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime", and it blows.

And I do feel your emabarrassment about keeping the entire crew waiting. My favorite is when the crew has waited an hour or more for a complicated setup and the talent arrives back at set after sleeping their face and hair right off. Then everyone turns and stares at us as we try and undo the damage. And the clock ticks on...

Rock on lady. Us glam squad chicks love working with girl elcetrics and grips and camera.