Monday, February 27, 2006

Of course this was going to happen.

It never fails. Whenever I have something to do that can't (or shouldn't) be rescheduled, someone will call me for work.

This happens so consistently that I'm hesitant to schedule anything in advance anymore - doctor's visits, vacations, car maintenance, tax appointments, dates.

Naturally, since I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow that I don't want to reschedule, I got called for work by a best boy that I've had to turn down the past couple of times he's tried to book me.

Although I hate turning down work, I'm sufficiently desperate to get my feet looked at that I bit the bullet and turned homeboy down again.


Did I mention that if one turns down work too often people will assume that one is never available and stop calling?

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

This podiatrist better be worth it.


Dave2 said...

That sucks. Hopefully Best Boy is the understanding type?

Peggy Archer said...

They all say they understand, but then they just don't call.

I understand why - making manpower calls sucks and if someone's consistently unavailable, I'd stop calling them, too.

HappyGobo said...

Do you refer them to other qualified individuals that might be available? I'm told that helps.

Kelemi said...

Yeah, I've had this happen 2-3 times in the last week, myself... keep getting calls from a friend to do a commercial or music video, but I'm already booked in or outta town...why couldn't it happen AFTER this week when all I've got actual free time?!

Love your blog, btw...awesome insight into the larger scale stuff. I've only worked on smaller sets of 5-6 crew for some reality type TV shows.

Carly said...

Sounds like something is keeping you from working for them... and maybe for good reason?