Thursday, February 16, 2006

Venice Beach

Taken at the graffiti Pit, where I was working today on a still shoot (I don't do very many of those) for a clothing line that I've never heard of.

Today was a good day to be at the beach - it was a gorgeous day, and winter at the beach is always way less crowded than summer.

It was warm, too, until the clouds rolled in right after lunch.

Venice Beach is always an adventure. A drunk guy threatened our art director (she just rolled her eyes at him), and a street vendor saw my walkie while I was walking to the coffee place, mistook me for an undercover police officer and followed me for a whole block while yelling "Narc! Narc!" at the top of his lungs. Production hadn't gotten the proper permits for the graffiti pit, so until it got sorted out, the site rep literally chased us off the beach.

We also had no PA's, so we had to take turns sitting with our staged equipment to make sure that it didn't get stolen.

Still, it was a very fun day. This is a four day shoot (the last day is Sunday) that's paying cash.

I LOVE cash.

I'm totally wiped out (couldn't sleep last night), so I'm off to bed.

We're in the Valley tomorrow, and we have an 8 am call.


Anonymous said...

Are still shoots union jobs? If not, do they pay you your fringe benefits in cash? Of course if you're paid in cash maybe you come out OK even without the fringes.


shamp said...

Nice pictures of the beach area. Those palm trees are dizzingly tall.

grip chick said...

Ahhh...working in Venice!

I workied on Pacific Blue for 3 years. We were on the Venice boardwalk 3-5 days a week. The pros were the beach & the shopping. The cons were the low rate & the people that hang out on the Venice boardwalk. I have seen some scary things, especially at night.
The grafitti pit looks different. It used to have high, grafitti covered walls, and it used to be filthy and disgusting. Throw away your gloves!!!

Chuck said...

The one time I worked on a shoot at Venice -- at night, just to make things more interesting -- a couple of homeless guys got into it just down the block and one guy stabbed the other, and one of our off-duty cop security guards arrested a tenant in the building next door when he started arguing about shutting the hell up.

Venice Beach was fun.

Peggy Archer said...

OldTimer - no, this still shoot is not union (I haven't worked a non-union job in years, but cash is cash). I don't think it's possible for a union job to pay cash, is it?

Thanks, Shamp - I took a ton of pictures, and those trees are very tall. Photographically, it was a challenge getting both the ground and the crowns of the trees in the same shot.

Grip Chick and Chuck - Yikes! I'm glad we left before dark!