Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday Photo

Painting the Cyc

Cycloramas must be repainted to white if the color is changed for a shoot.

Note: The link above leads to the Wikepedia definition of a theatrical soft cyc - ususally made of cloth.

Permanently installed plaster wall cycs on film stages (such as the one in the photo) are called hard cycs - a term not included in the Wikepedia definition.


Gabe said...

Where is this?

Eric - PA (photo assistant) said...

I never even heard of a soft cyc....all I've ever known are hard ones and I'm not thrilled repainting cycs but sometimes it has to be done.....

Peggy Archer said...

gabe - it's Quihote (I'm certain that's misspelled) Studios in Hollywood.

eric - me either! I'd never heard of soft cycs but that's all they explain on that page.

Jed said...

soft cycs are used primarily in theatrical applications for projections and such.

i have to go paint the cyc @ line 204's hollywood center stage 1 tomorrow night.